Hi! My name is Shar and I’m an artist and an award winning professional photographer based in Napier, New Zealand. I proudly balance my work life with being a ninja mother to two very sporty and creative kids, who not only ground me, but inspire me to be the best role model I can possibly be. 

What makes me different and also what drives my focus are my essential values … to ‘Enlight’ and ‘Enchant’! I believe it’s about making the effort to standup, standout and create desired media that is treasured!

Art Direction

Recently I was privileged to be awarded Gold at the NZIPP Awards for my creative photography and a “Best of Nation” 2019 for New Zealand at the World Photographic Cup. My winning images all contained animals, highlighting my love for wildlife. 

Through my work, it's my hope to create an awareness that all living creatures matter, they have personalities, feelings and their own quirky attributes. I’d love for people to see them in a different light, as innocent and individual little characters... and not take them for granted.

I will only ever create uplifting and memorable images, and I intend always to photograph my subjects in a positive light that promotes the values mentioned above.

“Through my creative art and this positive approach, I hope to encourage more kindness and empathy towards animals and innocent life.”